Hands and the Four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water

Hands of Earth

The dry, stable part of our world is the Earth. The natural rhythms of germination, rise, death and decay are all subject to all that happens on earth. The World is eternal and displays continuity. All kinds of improvements are continually happening below the surface, however. Earthquakes and other upheavals will result in this. The Hand of the World is so much like a realistic hand. It consists of a palm and small digits that are circular. People are reliable, down-to-earth and realistic with this sort of hand. They love repetitive work and their hands are good. They love the beat. Conservative, reserved and possessive, they are. But, like the planet itself, if they find it necessary, they may also react violently.

You can say to anyone with your hands on Earth:

"You are a tough worker. You love physical difficulties and the hands are able to think for themselves. At times, you can be stubborn, and you don't change your mind easily. You love flow and rhythm. Typically, you're not good at specifics, unless you're doing something. Perhaps you choose to work outside, to do something practical. You are trustworthy, straightforward and very reserved.

Hands of Flames

The fire is strong, energizing, and going continuously. It can provide gentle fire, but it can burn as well. Consequently, proper handling is necessary. The Hand of the Fire is oblong with small digits. Someone is going to be sentimental, excited and imaginative with a hand like this. The short fingers indicate an aversion to detail. The long palm adds intuition. For anyone with such a side, you might say:

You have a brilliant imagination, full of amazing thoughts. You're inspired by these suggestions. Your passion may not last long, but at the moment, it's incredibly valuable to you. At times, your feelings can be a little difficult to control, but they encourage you to enjoy life to the fullest. Details are not your strong point and you seem to choose the fiddly bits to the overall image. To be satisfied, you are likely to be imaginative and need to be busy.

Hands of Air

The air is important for survival. We take it for granted and, even on windy days, never note it. As it carries sound waves, air is also important for communication. Airborne animals, such as birds and flying insects, travel rapidly and are active. The Air Hand is made of long fingers and a square palm. These individuals prefer to make greater use of logic than intuition. They're quick-witted and easily articulate themselves. They love to talk and also have jobs that use their talents. Their heavy reliance on rationality indicates that these individuals appear to mistrust thoughts, both their own and those of other individuals.

There's something we might say to those with Air Hands along these lines:

You are wise, clear-thinking, discriminating. For you, relationships are important, but sometimes you feel rationality getting in the way of your emotions. You're trustworthy and totally want to do stuff. You are a stimulating friend and while you are around, life is never boring.

Hands of Water 

Water, lastly. Water is essentially now, if you think about it. To make things alter, other powers have to act upon it. As it merely moves to take up whatever room is open, it is often shapeless. The Moon has a powerful effect on climate, generating tides in our oceans. The expression "still waters run deep" is very important to the hand of the sea. The Hand of the River is an oblong palm with long digits. As these individuals are highly conscious and sensitive, it is often called the intuitive side. People are changeable, impressionable and emotional with this sort of side. Idealistic and highly creative, they are.

To those with hands holding water, you might say:

"You've got an incredibly rich inner life. Your creativity is excited and you fantasize about almost everything. You can be swayed by others, but for your thoughts, you're versatile. Your judgment is resilient. Emotional, you are. You enjoy spending time with them if you're interested in anyone. Depend on. To focus on your own life, you will need time for yourself. In the right relationship for someone to depend on and rely on, you are most satisfied."